* Each Syringe Comes w/ a Built in Brush For Easy Application. 

* Paint a Thin Layer On The Top & Bottom 6 Teeth Avoiding Your Gums. 

* Do Not Touch The Gel With Your Fingers. Paint & Brush The Gel Away From The Gums.


* Bite Down On the LED Mouth Tray & Turn On.

* The Mouth Tray Will Automatically Run For 15 Minutes On Blue Light Mode Only. 

*This Starts The Whitening Process And Opens The Pores In The Enamel To Absorb The Bleach And Reach Into The Dentin (The 2nd Layer Of The Tooth Where Whitening Occurs).


* Timer Will Go Off After 14 Mins & LED Tray Will Turn Off. 

* Press The Power Button again For The 2nd Phase.

The LEDs This Time Will Be Blue & Red. 

*Blue Light To Whiten Your Teeth & Red Light To Protect Your Teeth From Any Sensitivity and To Protect Your Gums From Any Irritations.

*Rinse Your Mouth & The Mouth Tray With Water Once Timer Is Up. 

*Repeat Steps 1-3 For The Next 5-7 Days.

-To Speed Up The Results, Use Your Kit Twice a Day.


Does teeth whitening work?

Yes, teeth whitening does work on natural teeth that have experienced some surface and/or subsurface stains from eating, drinking or smoking things that leave stains on or in the tooth enamel. 

Teeth Whitening DOES NOT whiten Veneers, Crowns or Fillings. Any company that can promise you that, is being dishonest.

All of our customers have been very pleased with their results from our home whitening products as well as our products for professional use.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Average results for peroxide-based whitening gels last 6 months to 1 year and this also depends entirely upon your own tooth enamel, your habits & diet.

How long does it take to whiten your teeth to see results?

Our Kit is designed to Whiten Coffee, tea, red wine and smoking stains! Because it is take home kit, you need to use it for several days to get good results, its all about maintenance! Our LED Whitening Kit delivers professional results at home, but it just takes longer. You will need to use the kit once or twice a day, without skipping, for up to 10 days. You leave the gel on the teeth for at least 30 minutes with each application. The longer you go, the better the results!

Does LED Teeth Whitening hurt or make your teeth sensitive?

Most people experience absolutely no sensitivity with our products. Only a handful of the thousands of people that used our Home Whitening Kit (with 44% carbamide peroxide gel) have reported any tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Less than 1% of our customers reported experiencing an allergic type of reaction to our peroxide-based whitening gel. An allergic reaction can be painful and even cause blisters. If this happens to you, discontinue use immediately and, if desired, see your dentist or physician about methods to help the skin heal faster. We recommend applying pure vitamin e oil to the irritated parts of the mouth. People with gum disease might experience irritation because their gum tissues are not healthy. Only use whitening products if your gums and teeth are healthy. People with tiny cracks in their tooth enamel, any stage of dental carries, or very thin or porous enamel might experience tooth sensitivity from peroxide-based whitening gels. If this happens to you, discontinue use and see your dentist if desired.